I doon't know who reads this blog... but IM SICK OF MOVIE CRITICS!!! WHO ARE THEZE BOZOS who vote BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN as best picture.... . all these KOOKS who are supposively "Movie Critics" writing bad reviews of my favorite movie of all time .... LAND OF THE LOST...

Noone has mentioned how astonishing the CGI of the TREX were... except to say that
"despite the big budget, Land of the Lost fails" ....

I have seen CGI dinosaurs before but never before has a dinosaur looked so Gosh Dang Real....
Steven spielberg can shit in his own hat, then put it on and say ACTION, but Jurassic park is FUCKING GAY comapared to my favorite movie in the whole wide world (as of June 10,2009)


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  1. the first jurassic park graphics were pretty ace, but I agree. Current movies look like donkey shit compared to land of the lost.. you see the trailer to G.I joe? looks awful, and Land of the Lost looked way better then the shit in Terminator.. just sayin